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siver's Journal

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1st January 2003

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<color;red<fontsize=5>A HAPPY AND PEACEFUL NEW YEAR EVERYONE</font></color> :D
Current Mood: artistic

24th May 2002

7:05pm: Sorry about my last addition to my journal, I wish to apologise to any one who followed up the link expecting art tutorials on line. Due to many problems I was not fully 100% with it. This link was to a site advertising art teaching holidays and not on-line tutorials.
Current Mood: Embarresed & distressed

11th May 2002

2:46pm: 4th attempt
I'm getting short on patience this is my 4th try at posting something in the ElfwoodUK LJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30th March 2002

7:56pm: Strtange Smell
Three cheers, at last I've found out what was making the awfull smell in my living room. It was the Cacti that I have had for at least 6 years?????????? I don't know why but it has smelt awful and I've been trying to track it down for 2 weeks. It's been banished outside now. I wonder why it has started to smell so bad and after all this time, it wasn't rotting?

We are having some beautiful weather at the moment, I've made the most of it today and I've mowed the grass and dug a hole for a small pond. My son called and we had a good dinner and a bottle of very good Frascati. Very nice!

And now I've just turned the radio on to hear that our Queen Mum has died! Terrible news to end the day. She is going to be missed dreadfully.
Current Mood: crushed

25th March 2002

7:34pm: Painful adjustment
Its been two days without Raffles, I've not cried today but I've made a real pig of myself. One freind bought me a box of chocolates and I ate half yesterday and the rest tonight. Went out to a local gerden centre with another friend yesterday, we were there all afternoon bought some young plants and a bunch of flowers.
They are so thoughtful and very dear to me. Its very strange as far as I know they don't know each other but they have both had mastectomies and both suffer Lymphodema, I think thats how you spell it. Must introduce them sometime.

Every time I get up or make a suden noise I look round for Raffles, he always jumped up when I moved or came looking for a fuss!!!!!!!!!DAMN TEARS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

I must start another picture it does help, I focus so much on art that I don't get too misserable.
Current Mood: distressed

24th March 2002

8:36pm: Houndless!
Oh boy! my flat is quiet without Raffles, I do hope he settles into his new home ok! I had to have him rehomed, he was pulling his coat out and licking himself raw with boredom. I am out most mornings and when I get home, Ive not much patience for playing.
Not physicaly fit enough for it either.

So the skipperke rescue found him a home in Stockport Manchester. They fetched him yesterday, managed to fight back the tears untill I had shut the door! Every time I got up to go to the kitchen or do any cleaning I found myself looking out for him. This was because being a small excitable dog, if I didn't I would trip over him. I'm typing this with one hand the RSI in my right arm and wrist is aching like blazes!
Current Mood: depressed and creative?

19th March 2002

7:39pm: A short and amusing poem for you, appologies if you have seen it before.

I love my job, I really love the pa I love it more and more each day.
I love my boss, he is the be I love his boss and all the rest.

I love the office and its location, I hate to have to go on vacation.
I love the furniture, drab and grey, and piles of paper that grow each day!
I think my job is really swell, theres nothing else I love so well.
I love to work among my peers, I love their leers, and jeers, and sneers.
I love my computer and its software;
I hug it often though it wont care. I love each programme and every file.
Id love them more if they worked a while.

Im happy to be here. I am, I am.
Im the happiest slave of the firm, I am.
I love this work, I love these chores.
I love the meetings with deadly bores.
I love my job- Ill say it again- I even love those friendly men.
In who come clean white coats to take me away!!!!!
Current Mood: thirsty

12th March 2002

8:21pm: A Surprise
DON'T go to this if you have weak heart, lol Don't say that I didn't warn you!



2nd March 2002

10:09pm: Bad backs and horse bites?
What a week I've been bit by the horse that I'm feeding and when I tell folks that most of them retaliate by saying how ungrateful?
What they don't understand is that the horse is showing its gratitude, thats their way of showing other horses that they are friends. So I suppose that I should be happy?
Well I'm not! It hurt, it made me soooo cross that I cried with frustration.
You see its not my horse, the owner thinks that they can leave him all winter and that he will be fine when they go back.

He is in a small field, the grass stopped growing last November and for two weeks his water was frozen solid. The only reason he is still in the field and as not been taken away by the RSPCA is because we, the dog walkers, have been feeding him and breaking the ice. Even taking water down for him when the ice was too thick to break.

This week I hurt my back and could hardly walk so had to hope that someone else was giving the horse the hay that I had delivered.
I hurt my back the same way that I slipped the damn disc the first time. Turning over in bed of all things, don't it make you sick!!!!!!
Its improved now I went down to feed the horse today and they have been feeding him thank goodness for that.

Got a new art catalogue on Thursday, spent the afternoon going through it, making a list of what I can afford. The blocks of water colour paper are much cheaper in it. 8 instead of 17 in the shops. Trouble is the total cost is more than I can afford for a few weeks yet?
Current Mood: crazy

26th January 2002

1:27pm: Rain#'@#'#
It's raining again. Sodden soaking rain, been raining for four days now. It just started has light misserable drizzle for two days then it decided it had finished with being half-hearted about it and now it has got down to chucking at us by the bucket full. I really feel for those who are threatened with floods again.
I'm lucky I live on a hill, though when my Asthmas bad I don't feel so lucky.

I've just finished creating a finishing touch for Eric's picture Aegian Palisades and he has given me permission to rename it. he likes it! That brightened my day up no end. Though he did call them wings when they are fins?

Now I suppose I've got to resize it for uploading and the only place for it at present is Side7. Oh the waiting for Elfwood is maddening.
Current Mood: cranky

12th January 2002

4:29pm: Clostraphobic blues????
I've just had the most frustrating two days, groan!
Yesterday I had to wait in for an engineer to come and fix the thermostat on my NEW fridgefreezer! It is freezing food kept in the salad box and I keep turning the temperature up /dial down. The dial is now between 1 and zero. If the weather really gets cold I'll be turning the damn thing of! He eventually came late and I've got to wait for the replacement to come from Italy of all places. I might of known it, the Italins can make beautiful clothesand cars but not fridges. Besides I bet they set them for a warm climate forgeting about cold wet places like the UK.

Now a problem with my phone! The BT people said that a new phone would be delivered this morning, huh! No sign of the phone or them!
To cap it all the Yahoo server was down this afternoon, so I could not get on-line. I get stir crazy if I can't get outside, its a good thing I am honest. If I was ever locked up for a crime, I think that I would go slowly insane!
Current Mood: frustrated

22nd December 2001

8:55pm: background picture
I give up I was trying to upload a background picture. I followed instructions but nothing happens? Must ask my son how to do it, if he's got the time.
Current Mood: crushed
8:54pm: background picture
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Current Mood: anxious
8:51pm: background picture
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Current Mood: anxious
8:48pm: background picture
Current Mood: anxious
8:40pm: background picture

Current Mood: anxious

13th November 2001

7:14pm: I have just had two weeks that I will be glad to see the back of. It all started with the funeral of an old friend then I was rushing to go and met another friend. I was in the bathroom, phone rang I rushed to get it with my tights round my ankles, lol.
The phone call was from my friends sister-in-law who is also my friend, she told me that not to worry Carol was ok but she was in Hospital! Some male idiot had rammed her car as she was waiting to turn of the main road! REALLY there are some idiots out there and I am being mild. Any way she was ok just shaken with a bruise on her head but her car was a write of. Went to see her next day at her home, there was no way she was staying in Hospital? I also rang her several times over the next few days just make sure she was ok, her family were around her house most of the time.

Weekend my washer gave up the ghost, result new washer on Saterday. Sunday night my fridgefreezer decided to join my washer! Well I suppose that they had been together so long that one could not live without the other! Laugh/sob/laugh/sob?
New fridgefreezer coming on Thursday. My computer is thinking about going the same way as the other two??? I'll survive I supose?????
Current Mood: crazy

20th October 2001

2:05pm: I've got a headache and no it is not an hangover wish it was, my neck as really been bad for two weeks now. I had to wear a collar during the day for a while, It makes me feel too depressed to do anything much. Must not let it beat me.
I've just cooked some Brownies mixture in individual muffin cases just how we like them, without any nuts. I will enjoy them just wish I could make this pain go away like I can make them rise.

Huh now I feel sick as well still this serve's me right been eating the left over dark chocolate, love it but it is too, too sickly to eat that much in one go.

Keep checking my comments page, no one visiting and leaving comments about my work not even anonymous even though I wish that person would take him or herself to the moon without a spacesuit. Nasty chuckle.

Need a new computer getting desperate, anyone out there feeling generous ready to give a helping hand with a bit of spare cash? OH well will after make this one last! Keep going Bessy don't let me down.
Current Mood: cranky

21st September 2001

9:52pm: BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER OH DAMN I WANTED This version other version of my update page with emoticons
Current Mood: aggravated
9:51pm: Pictures
I wish that I had a scanner. At present my son scans my work for me at work and then sends them via e-mail. There are plenty of down sides to this arrangement. He is often too busy or off out with his mates or even a girlfriend for all I know. I don't like to ask him to much about his private life, he will tell me when he is ready to.
I was up at 5.45 this morning because I was so desparate for these pics. and he had not sent them. It is now 9.50 pm and still no e-mail from him and he is not at home. This could be work, his job keeps him out later and later as the week goes on. I suppose that is one of the drawbacks of working in newspapers. BOTHER!!!!!BOTHER BOTHER!!!!!

15th September 2001

1:10pm: First I find I have a gallery on Elfwood, cheers, but then Tues Well enough as been said a, save my spirits dropped. I keep telling myself I must not hate, hate is what caused the dreadfull events of Tues, so Like Jesus said I must " learn to love my enemys". I don't know if this will get posted or not so please excuse my inaccuracy. Love you all.
Current Mood: confused

13th September 2001

6:29pm: It's been a black week as far as world events go but it started very well for me, I finely got my own gallery on Elfwood uploaded what art would fit on Lothlorian. All this and much other news was dreadfully eclipsed by the utterly shattering news of suicide terorists taking over four pasenger jets and flying them first into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre New York. Then one was flown into the Pentagon, the fourth one was not to be found for quite a while,it was thought that it was going for Camp David.
It was found crashed, the crew and pasengers add fought back and prevented that tragedy but at the cost of their own lives.

Everyone is blameing Muslim extremists but it could even turn out to be American anticapitalists instead. Thereare some terrible people in the World, they don't know how to live in harmony. They seem to envy or blame every one for everything, all they've got to do is get on and sort their own lives out???????

4th September 2001

7:34pm: Feeling a bit washedout at the moment, got very stressed out today. Every time I moved Raffles thought that I wanted to play. My neighbours cat (Mork) has not been eating just seems to have licked the gravy and left the meat.

Ive turned up the hem on one of my livingroom curtains, it was so heavy I could not hold it on my lap and the needle keep loosing the thread. Moved my PC hoping to make a little more room but though this postion is more comfy, there is no more space than before Huh!
Current Mood: stressed

3rd September 2001

7:15pm: oh dear I think I've posted a blank, silly me. This is just a test to see if I can at last post on LJ
Current Mood: curious
Current Mood: curious
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